SpectrumEvolution.org’s Presentation to the FCC

On November 17, 2010, SpectrumEvolution.org (SEO) demonstrated OFDM-based hybrid mobile broadcast/broadband technologies to the FCC.

SpectrumEvolution.org is committed to advancing the awareness of the public, the broadcast industry and government decision makers about legitimate alternatives to a number of public policy initiatives that are being based on what we intend to prove are misinformed “common knowledge.” There are widely held, yet inaccurate opinions regarding the state of technology and the viability of broadcasting, as an essential and important element in delivering key services required to successfully implement the National Broadband Plan. We believe and seek to share with the public and their representatives why broadcasting should be viewed as a key part of the solution, not just a contributor of radio spectrum to be exploited by others with less insight and with limited public interest considerations. In reality we need the powerful and efficient one-to-many network capabilities of broadcasting to actually solve the rapidly growing wireless broadband challenges facing the United States.