About & Mission

Spectrum Evolution is working to promote fair, plausible and intelligent broadcast spectrum policy. The organization is led by an experienced team of broadcasters, telecom pioneers, and business people who aim to leverage the unique characteristics of broadcast spectrum for broadband Internet, broadcast Internet, broadcast television, and other 21st century, value-added services.

Management Team

Gregory J. Herman , President

Mr. Herman is a broadcast television company executive, operating both Class A and Low Power Television facilities with locations throughout Oregon and Central Washington. WatchTV, Inc. was the first television broadcaster to provide foreign language programming in the State of Oregon. Mr. Herman is recognized as a leader in developing and utilizing innovative solutions to achieve enhanced efficiencies in the operation of Class A and Low Power Television stations. Mr. Herman is also a Past President of the Community Broadcasters Association.

From January 1990 to August of 1995 Mr. Herman served as a founding Director of OneComm a National wireless communications company, which ultimately merged with Nextel. From January 1991 to February 1993, Mr. Herman served as President and Director of SMR Network, a mobile communications company with seventy-two transmitting facilities serving Oregon, Washington and Idaho. During the same period, Mr. Herman also served as founding Director of Northwest Antenna Site Services, a company constructing and operating antenna sites throughout the Pacific Northwest. He was Vice President and General Manager of SMR Network from March 1989 until January 1991, and prior thereto, served as Operations Manager.

Over the past two decades, Mr. Herman has been as a member of numerous mobile communications industry associations and is a former director of the National Association of Business and Educational Radio.

Amy Brown , Executive Director

Mrs. Brown is a 17-year veteran of the television broadcasting industry, with vast experience in programming, operations and regulatory issues, and is highly regarded by her peers in the broadcast industry.

Previously, Mrs. Brown served as Executive Director of the Community Broadcasters Association (CBA), an industry trade group representing low power and Class A television stations in the United States. She was responsible for all of the organization’s activities, including public relations, promotional and government lobbying efforts, and managing the various trade shows and conferences hosted by the CBA.

Earlier, she was Director of Broadcast Operations and Affiliations at Viacom’s MTV/2 and MTV Tr3s subsidiaries. At MTV, she was responsible for the operation of 30 Class A and low power television stations and the coordination of the station’s digital conversions. In addition, Ms. Brown maintained and managed all programming content, FCC station reports, license renewals and public files. In addition to her station management, Ms. Brown was also responsible for the preservation of relationships with existing MTV/2 and MTV Tr3s affiliates while soliciting new affiliates in top markets.

Beforehand, Mrs. Brown served as Network Program and Promotions Manager for Media Sports Partnership (America One Television), a nationwide television network.

Mrs. Brown began her career as Programming Executive of Ramar Communications, where her duties included managing programming for FOX KJTV 34 and Telemundo KXTQ 46.

Spectrum Evolution Advisory Council

In alphabetical order

Christopher Blair

Christopher Blair is an owner, operator, telecommunications broker and consultant with a primary focus in the field of low power television (LPTV); he is industry recognized as an active participant in the area of LPTV television station relocation as a means of maximizing station value.

Mr. Blair is the owner of SynCom Media Group, Inc. SynCom is the operator of three low power television stations (LPTV) in Denver, Colorado, currently programming MTVtr3s, Home Shopping Network, and a variety of ethnic and religious programming. Syncom was the original TV Azteca network affiliate for Denver, CO, before the sale of the station to McGraw-Hill’s local ABC affiliate. Through a separate company, he also owns two LPTV stations serving the Washington, DC, market.

Christopher was a former board member of CBA, the industry trade group formerly representing LPTV station owners.

Richard D. Bogner

Richard Bogner holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, magna cum laude, and a Master of Electrical Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of New York.

Mr. Bogner has 20 years of experience designing antennas for military and space applications, 20 years of experience designing and constructing antennas for TV stations, and 30 years of experience designing and operating TV stations.

Ron Bruno

Ron Bruno is the Owner and President of The Bruno Goodworth Network Inc. which operates 11 Class A television stations in and around the Pittsburgh, PA area.

Mr. Bruno is the former president of the Community Broadcasters Association and was a member of its Board of Directors for 14 years.

Prior to starting The Bruno Goodworth Network Inc. Bruno worked at KDKA-TV from 1982 – 1990 as a Producer/Cameraman and Editor. He was also a News Cameraman for WTRF-TV in Wheeling from 1980 to 1982.

Vern Fotheringham

Vern Fotheringham is an internationally recognized leader and successful entrepreneur in the wireless broadband communication industry. Throughout his career he has been a catalyst for innovation and change in telecommunications through numerous direct entrepreneurial activities: acting as advisor on many successful projects for major service providers, system vendors, software application developers and Internet service companies; as a public policy and regulatory advocate for the creation of new telecommunications services, FCC rules and IEEE standards; and, as an inventor and creator of new and innovative products and services.

Previously, Vern was President and CEO of ADAPTIX, a world leader in the development of next-generation broadband wireless system technology. ADAPTIX pioneered and secured global patent protection for the core technology of the IEEE.802.16e standard that is now embedded in Mobile WiMAX and LTE technologies. At ADAPTIX, he raised $44 million to fund the company post-acquisition of the Broadstorm assets. Beforehand, Vern served as President and CEO of Broadstorm, the pioneering OFDMA technology development company.

Earlier, Vern served as CEO and Chairman of Bazillion, a national VoIP service provider. At Bazillion, he was involved in raising $67 million to build the first national VoIP network providing toll quality voice services. In addition, Vern served as Founder, CEO and Chairman of Advanced Radio Telecom (ART), a publicly traded wireless Internet Service Provider and CLEC. ART held broadband radio spectrum licenses for 207 major markets in the U.S. and five countries in Europe. At ART, he was responsible for raising $225 million in the company’s NASDAQ initial public offering and subsequent public debt financings.

Highlights of his career activities include direct participation in the development and international expansion of the cellular telephone industry on four continents; the creation and development of the mobile satellite and satellite audio broadcasting industry with Omninet (now Qualcomm), AMSC (now SkyTerra) and Norcom Networks (now Wireless Matrix); spearheading nationwide air-to-ground communication services with Claircom (now AT&T Mobility); winning the first GSM license in Hong Kong for SmarTone; pioneering digital satellite broadcasting as Founder of Digital Satellite Broadcasting Corporation; and, founding the millimetric microwave industry with the creation of both ART, as a service provider, and WaveTrace (now Harris), a the pioneering point-to-multipoint microwave equipment manufacture.

Vern Fotheringham is the co-author of Wireless Broadband: Conflict and Convergence , written with Chetan Sharma.

Dr. Hui Liu

Dr. Hui Liu is an IEEE Fellow, and a professor in Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington. His research interests include broadband wireless networks, array signal processing, DSP and VLSI applications, and multimedia signal processing.

Dr. Liu has extensive background in commercializing innovative wireless developments. He is currently an advisor to China’s SARFT (the State Agency for Radio Film and Television), the founder of TiMi Tech, which developed the core technologies for the new CMMB standard (“Chinese Multimedia Mobile Broadcasting”) in partnership with SARFT, and Telepath, a fabless semiconductor CMMB chip supplier.

Previously, Dr. Liu co-founded Broadstorm Inc. in 2000 and pioneered the development of the OFDMA-based mobile broadband access solution (mobile WiMAX). Prior to that, he was the chief scientist at Cwill Telecommunications Inc. and was one of the principal developers of TD-SCDMA technologies.

Dr. Liu has published more than 40 journal articles and has 16 awarded or pending patents. He is the author of OFDM-Based Broadband Wireless Networks – Design and Optimization (Wiley 2005) and Signal Processing Applications in CDMA Communications (Artech House, 2000).

Hui Liu received a B.S. in 1988 from Fudan University, Shanghai, China, an M.S. in 1992 from Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, and a Ph.D. degree in 1995 from the University of Texas at Austin, all in electrical engineering. He held the position of assistant professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering at University of Virginia from September 1995 to July 1998. He has received a number of awards, including the 1997 National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award, the ONR Young Investigator Award, and The Best Patent Award in China.

Darrin M. Mylet

Mr. Mylet joined Adaptrum, a Silicon Valley-based startup exploring the applications of proprietary implementations of cognitive radio for use in wireless services and applications, in 2009.

Mr. Mylet has been serving an Advisory Role with Full Spectrum, a Menlo Park CA based company focused on Licensed Broadband Wireless For Intelligent Infrastructure using Software Define Radio since its inception in 2007.

Mr. Mylet joined Cantor Fitzgerald in 2003 and left in Dec 2008. While at Cantor, Mr. Mylet was responsible for developing new ideas, starting new business ventures. Mr. Mylet had been working globally with both the public and private sectors in facilitating the management and trading of radio spectrum frequency, Started Cantor Spectrum Exchange, first real time spectrum trading exchange. Launched Cantor Gaming, the first commercial mobile wireless at Venetian Casino Hotel in Las Vegas in 2009. Issued (2) Patents on applying wireless to existing or emerging applications, location based services and alerts with several other patents pending (#7534169 & #7637810).

Prior to joining Cantor-Fitzgerald, Mr. Mylet was with Radiant Networks, a U.K. based pioneer in “physical mesh” broadband wireless equipment vendor, where he was VP Sales & Marketing-Americas from 2000-2003.

Prior to this position, Mr. Mylet was an executive with MFS/Worldcom/MCI from 1997 to 2000. From 1992 to 1997, Mr. Mylet was with GTE Corporation (now Verizon).

Mr. Mylet is currently serving his Second Term (2010-11) for the Department of Commerce Spectrum Management Advisory Committee administered by NTIA and is Chairperson of the Spectrum Transparency Subcommittee.

B.A. Economics Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. Mr. Mylet has had the honor of speaking at numerous industry events including, DySpan, WCAI, USTA, SUPERCOMM, WISPCON, ISPCON, EU/UK SPECTRUM TRADING, BWWF, NTIA, FCC, NATPE, CTIA, NAB, Microsoft MobDev, PFF, CTIA, Nextcomm, eComm and EU Spectrum Management Conferences.

Q Saeed

Q is a Senior Executive Leader with over 20 years of strategic and management experience. Recognized leadership and significant record of achievement in advanced services and technologies, B2B & B2C sales, marketing and operations development, strategic planning, and business development.

Previously, Mr Saeed co-founded Open Range inn 2004, for which he helped raise $7million for planning and closed on a $367 million greenfield round in January 2009 to implement our plan. He performed strategic business planning and execution of complex and advanced services, spectrum acquisition and assessment. Besides heading the technology functions at the company, Mr Saeed conducted all forecasting modeling and revenue planning for both core and new business operations and have the experience and leadership to execute each and all functional plan in detail.

Mr Saeed is also a founder of 225 Media and Ubiquity LLC with an entrepreneurial spirit. He has consistently built winning, high performing teams in larger companies like AT&T Wireless & T-Mobile in the early days of wireless with a focus on innovation, productivity, smart cost maintenance, performance measurement, humility and fun. At Open Range they grew from 12 to a little over 1,800 full time employees and contractors in 17 months. Mr Saeed has successfully led separate and diverse winning teams in the past eight years in sales, strategic planning and modeling, fund raising, federal government relations, marketing, branding and identity, business operations and back office architecture, mergers and acquisition and human resources.

Peter Tannenwald

Peter Tannenwald is a Member of the law firm of Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, P.L.C., in Arlington, Virginia. He has practiced communications law for over 40 years. His clients have included operators of commercial and noncommercial radio, television, low power television, and Educational Broadband Service stations; applicants for new broadcast stations; broadcast trade associations; interexchange and competitive local telephone common carriers; radio common carriers; domestic and international satellite carriers; operators of private radio fleets; inventors; manufacturers of data, land mobile, computer, and other kinds of equipment regulated by the FCC; management and financing firms and banks; state and municipal governments engaged in rebanding public safety networks and cable franchise negotiations; and other law firms requiring expert witness testimony in the broadcasting and common carrier field.

Mr. Tannenwald has been involved in the establishment of several new technologies, including captioned television, satellite distribution of TV network programming, auditory assistance device frequency allocations, cellphone compatibility with hearing aids, the use of AM radio subcarriers for utility management and control, and merging broadcast and broadband technology. He represented the Community Broadcasters Association, the trade association of LPTV stations, for over 25 years. He also serves on the Community Council of a major market NPR radio affiliate and the Board of Directors of an Ivy League university radio station.